Review: Inferno by Catherine Doyle.


Inferno (Blood For Blood #2) by Catherine Doyle.
Published January 7th 2016.
416 pages.
Rating: 5/5
Goodreads | Amazon

Sophie’s life has been turned upside-down, and she’s determined to set things right. But Nic, the Falcone brother who represents everything she’s trying to forget, won’t give up on their love – and it’s Luca’s knife she clutches for comfort. Soon another mafia clan spoils the fragile peace – and with her heart drawn in one direction and her blood in another, Sophie’s in deeper than ever.

The first book left me thirsty for more of this story, and let me just say that this book did not disappoint, in fact, all of my expectations were exceeded. We get to see more character depth and development, plot twists and growing relationships, I honestly loved everything about it.

Sophie and Millie’s relationship are the most incredible thing, I love how they don’t have the whole ‘frenemies’ thing between them and Millie is always there for her best friend no matter what, it’s very refreshing to see. Authors usually make friendships as a side note to the romance and only mention it when they deem useful. That doesn’t really happen here, their friendship is always there and Millie is never thrown aside.

“Mil, can I ask you something?”
“Sure.” She turned out of Cedar Hill and we started heading towards the open road.
“And please be honest.”
“I am a pillar of integrity.”
“Are you or are you not reading a Dr Phil book right now?”
“That man is a saint, Sophie Gracewell. A damn saint.”
A laugh bubbled out of me. “The things you do for me.”
“Tell me about it,” she sighed.”

I wasn’t really a fan of the whole insta-love vibe that Nic and Sophie had going so I was relived when their relationship went from bad to worse. Nic is so misguided with his believes and he doesn’t even realize how he uses Sophie to help him achieve his goal, and he’s suppose to love her. I don’t believe she loved him and I think he loved her the best he could, but the whole thing was just too toxic and I’m glad Sophie realized that.

“That’s the wrong answer.”
“What’s the right answer?”
“The fact that you don’t know says it all.”

Luca Falcone is incredible, he’s such a great character and we get to see more of him and understand him better, I loved that. His relationship with Sophie is amazing, so well written it made me hold on to all of their moments together. Plus, their banter is very entertaining to see, I laughed so much during their interactions, it was fun and there was a lightness about it that was nice to see when everything was going downhill.

“And you’re kind of like a snowflake.’
Oh, Jesus Christ.
He masked his fleeting surprise with a quirked eyebrow. ‘Excuse me?’
‘Nothing,’ I said quickly. ‘I didn’t say anything.’
‘No, no,’ he said, rounding on me so his face was too close, his eyes too searing, his smile too irritating. ‘I’m a snowflake, am I?”

The main storyline kept me more and more interested as it progressed. When I got to half of the book and saw that plot twist I was so shocked and I loved it so much. I admire this author for the way she develops her story, never rushed, always at the right time and always surprising me. And the ending, one more time, made me want to start the next book on the spot.


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