Trope Tuesday #5: Age Gap.

Trope Tuesday is a meme/series created by Lacy Literacy. On Tuesdays, the goal is to discuss one trope that you dislike, love, are indifferent to, hate, currently annoyed by, think is problematic, etc. You can learn more about Trope Tuesday here.

I know Age Gap is a trope generality frowned upon, and considered a daddy kink. However, it’s definitely on my top three favorite tropes — along with Fake Dating and We Met Online First. Now, I don’t know if it’s because I’m mostly attracted to older people in real life, so it appeals more to me, or if it’s the way I was brought up — since my mom only dates guys significantly younger than her, and my brother only dates women significantly older than him — but either way, I’m very into this trope.

The Age Gap happens when the couple has an age difference between them. That age isn’t fixed, it usually varies depending on what one would think it’s acceptable. There is a commonly applied formula that the ‘half your age plus seven’ rule, in which the older partner’s age is divided by two and then increased by seven to reach either the ideal or minimum allowable age for a romantic partner.

I have read quite a few books on that trope, and one of my favorites is Hothouse Flower by Krista & Becca Ritchie, this book is part of two series; Addicted and Calloway Sisters. If you don’t know me very well, you might not know that KB are one of my absolutely favorite authors, and Addicted is my all time favorite series, so I adore this book not only because of the age difference between the couple, which is definitely a plus for me, but the writing is so amazing that it’s impossible not to be pulled into their story. They also have another book, Amour Amour, that could be considered age gap-y, but slightly, since it’s only a 5 year difference between the couple.

Another favorites of mine is Pretty Face and Black Rainbow. They’re both such incredible books and in all honesty, I just enjoy everything about them; the characters, the plot, the writing, the dynamic, etc. If you enjoy this trope I fully recommend both this books, you won’t regret it.

Overall, I understand how it can be a hard no for some people, even though to me it’s a great trope and I truly enjoy it. If you’re looking for more book recs on it, you should check out my age gap shelf on goodreads. What are your opinions on it? Love it? Hate it? It’s disgusted by it?


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