Playlist: Shatter Me Series.

Hey guys, this last week has been all kinda of messed up for me, and on top of the shitness going on I’m on a reading slump that won’t leave me no matter what, yikes. So I thought that since last week we got the news that Shatter Me will be getting three more books (I’m still freaking out about it omg), it’d be a good idea to make a playlist for the books we’ve got so far, yay!
You can check out the playlist on Spotify, hope you guys like it!


So what do you guys think? Are you excited about the new books? What are your favorite characters? 


4 thoughts on “Playlist: Shatter Me Series.

  1. LOVE IT! I was going to tag Jackie @toomuchofabooknerd but it looks like she already saw this hahahaa. I hope your week gets better and we can beat that reading slump!!

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    • Yay, I’m so glad you liked it!!! Omg yes, fingers crossed that I’ll be out of this slump soon, with so many good books coming out this week 🤞🏻


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