Trope Tuesday #9: Opposites Attract.

Trope Tuesday is a meme/series created by Lacy Literacy. On Tuesdays, the goal is to discuss one trope that you dislike, love, are indifferent to, hate, currently annoyed by, think is problematic, etc. You can learn more about Trope Tuesday here.

Opposites Attract is not only extremely popular in the fandom territory but it’s also a major thing in real life. Really, who has never heard that opposites attract? The trope happens when two characters who are diametric opposites miraculously work well together.

I’m very conflicted about this trope because I have read great books with it, but I find the idea fundamentally ridiculous. Especially in real life. I mean, how does one talk to someone who they have nothing in common with? Even better, how do they develop a relationship? I can’t imagine it’s easily accomplished.

I’ve seen Opposites Attract being confused with Enemies To Lovers which I can understand, and sometimes it can be the case — like in The Hating Game — but usually the latter happens when the characters are too similar and compete with each other, not always though, of course.

Since this trope is so popular, I have read quite a few books with it, taking that into account, I’ll just give you my top five, yay. I will also be excluding books that could categorize as Enemies To Lovers as well.

01. Under Locke by Mariana Zapata — I love all of Zapata’s books, I swear she’s the queen of slow burn, so that automatically makes her the queen of my heart. I was so reluctant to start this book because 1) I really dislike bikers and motorcycles in general. And 2) I thought this would be darker than I wanted at the time. But I was proven wrong in the best way possible and now this is one of my favorite NA book.

02. Managed by Kristan Callihan — This book was nothing like I expected it to be and it was just so good I couldn’t put it down. Yes, the plot is great, but the characters are what really captivated me, I wanted more and more of them and nothing was enough. Callihan’s writing has gotten so much better since Firelight, or even The Hook Up that is more recent.

03. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell — The first time I read this book I didn’t understand what the fuss was about, it didn’t seem all that appealing to me. But last year I re read it for whatever reason, and honestly how could I have missed how amazing this book is? I loved everything about it to be honest.

04. The Backup Boyfriend by River James — I actually already made a review for this book, you can check it out here.

05. The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata — Another Zapata’s book, not surprising. This one was actually the first book I read by her and it still holds a special place in my heart. I love its characters and FAKE DATING!!!!! so yea, you can guess how good this book was. Fake dating + slow burn + great writing = my happy place.

What about you guys? Do you also have a love/hate relationship with this trope?

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One thought on “Trope Tuesday #9: Opposites Attract.

  1. I come across this trope a lot but I don’t really think about it. For me, it is just one of those rules of romance. It comes up so much that it’s ingrained in the genre like how Second Act Breakups are.


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