Calendar Girls #3: Best Fairytale Retelling.

Calendar Girls is a blog event hosted by the bloggers Melanie Noell Bernard and Flavia the Bibliophile, inspired by Neil Sedaka’s 1961 song Calendar Girl. Just like in the song, they decided to use a specific theme for each month and choose a book based on these themes! The event is meant to incite discussions with other bloggers about books we’ve read and loved, to help bloggers interact with other bloggers, and also for bloggers and readers to find out about blogs which they normally may not have come across! If you’d like to know more you can check here and here.

July’s theme is Best Fairytale Retelling, and my pick is:


Cress (The Lunar Chronicles #3) by Marissa Meyer.
Oh my goodness! It was so hard to pick just one book this month. One might argue that I’m a little too into fairytale retelling for an “adult”, but frankly I don’t give a damn because they have so many incredible books, I swear to God.

So after a lot, and I mean A LOT, of back and forward between books, I’ve finally settled on Cress. This isn’t particularly best book from this category, because let’s face it there are some breathtaking books out there — I’m looking at you The Forbidden Wish —, but it is a favorite to me for the following reasons:

• Cress is probably one of my favorite characters of all time;
• This book is so much fun, I laughed nonstop;
• I loved seeing the dynamics and how it developed;

Still, I get it that it all feels very generic to be considered the best. But for some reason, inexplicably to me really, I hold this book close to my heart, I find it so beautifully written and developed, with relatable characters, even though I could never relate to their awesomeness!

Okay, now I feel like I should at least mention some of my other favorites that could totally have been my pick:

The Forbidden Wish — I already mentioned this one before, but let’s do it again because honestly, just go pick up this masterpiece guys! + review
Peter Darling — SO SO LOVELY! + playlist
A Court of Mist and Fury — Yep, I’m totally not bringing up the first or last book because we all know this one was the best out of the trilogy. Except for the Elriel scenes in ACOWAR because babies!!!!
Walking On Knives — This one isn’t out yet but I’m putting it here anyways since I’m super excited about it because 1) THE LITTLE MERMAID and 2) f/f romance.

So this is it! What about you guys? Do you love fairytale retelling as much as I do? What are your favorites?

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17 thoughts on “Calendar Girls #3: Best Fairytale Retelling.

  1. Yay! I feel like I haven’t talked to you in forever, Thai. Why is that? Shame on me! Anyway, to your post!

    I wish I could say I support your choice, but… I haven’t even read the book yet! Hahaha! I’m so far behind on this series and actually only read Cinder just last year. I don’t even have copies of the next books in the series, but I am really excited that you boast this one so much. Rapunzel has always been my favorite fairytale (even before Disney made her into a thing,) and I’m really excited to getting around to reading more fairytales about her. She deserves some love. :p

    I also really like that you picked a sequel! So many of us are picking first novels or standalones (which makes sense since fairytales weren’t written in serial format), but they CAN be. The stories do continue after ‘The End’ and I think that’s what I think I’ll enjoy most about this series! Great pick! 😀 Hope to see you in the chat this month. Sounds like you’ll have a LOT to say. Hee hee!

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    • It does! Oh, shame on both of us! hahah

      Oh no! You should totally get back to reading this series, it’s totally worth it! Completely agree! Rapunzel is so adorable, she deserves more recognition (I’m totally not biased, nope).

      Thanks! I’ve loved the books I’ve seen though, my TBR list may or may not have gotten a little bigger oops. I hope I can participate the chat this month, I felt bad that I couldn’t in the last one 😦 But yep, I’ll try and I most certainly have a lot to say 😉 hahah.

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      • Haha! Well, we will just have to change us not speaking. 😊 And remember! The twitter chat is on sunday this time.

        Oh my gosh! Right?! So many books on my TBR now. It’s gonna get out of control with Calendar Girls!!! (I’m not really complaining. Hahaha!)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome choice! I’ve read Cinder and Scarlet, but my sister borrowed Cress and hasn’t finished reading it. Not that I’d have had time to read it anyway! I may have to set some time aside for it in November and December, as those are the months I’m using the plow through some of my TBR and not accept or request ARCs. Thanks so much for participating, and I’m glad to see that you liked this book, as it makes me all the more excited to read it!


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