Diversity Bingo 2017: Update.

Hey guys! Starting today my students are officially on school break, making me on a break consequentially, yay! Andddddd that means, I’ll have time to read more and catch up with my tv shows (I need my fill of Lucifer and Suits okay). Since it’s been a while that I updated my Diversity Bingo, I thought I’d make an update now and another one when I go back to work to see if I got more books crossed off!

If you haven’t heard of this before, the Diversity Bingo 2017 is basically a year long read-a-thon that celebrates and encourages us to read more diverse books and own voices authors. If you want to learn more (and if you want to join – it’s never too late), you should check out this post!

And I present to you, drum rolls please, my diversity bingo:

diversity bingo

And this is it for now! If you guys are also participating in Diversity Bingo 2017 let me know what prompts you’ve marked off already, what books are your favorites so far, and if you have any recs for me I’d love to hear them!



4 thoughts on “Diversity Bingo 2017: Update.

  1. I love how you did your little things to mark which ones you’ve done! I’ve been doing ashamedly bad and haven’t even uploaded my diversity bingo yet!

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