The Liebster Award.


Heeeey guys! I was nominated by the lovely The Wonderlust Reader—if you haven’t checked out her blog yet, you totally should!— and I’m so excited! This is the first tag I’m doing, I’ve been nominated a couple of times before but unfortunately I couldn’t do it at the time, so now I’m finally doing it, yay!

The Rules

• Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you.
• Give 11 random facts about yourself.
• Nominate 11 bloggers who you think deserve the award.
• Tell those bloggers you nominated them!
• Create 11 original questions for the next nominees to answer.

11 Facts About Me

01) I hate making decisions, if we’re hanging out or something like that, I will never pick what we’re eating, where we’re going or what we’re doing. I’m a very passive person in general tbh.

02) I’m so lazy that sometimes I go more than one day without food because I don’t want to cook.

03) I get obsessed with things quickly and un-obsessed with it just as fast.

04) I’m obsessed with spoilers and usually look up the end of the book before starting. Oops.

05) I was in a pretty bad car crash in April and I had PTSD for a few weeks afterwards, but I couldn’t tell my closest friends because they either dismissed it or felt guilty (because they were the ones that caused the crash).

06) I have five tattoos and I want at least five more, help.

07) I love sushi so much, if I could I would only eat that for the rest of my existence.

08) When I feel really bad about myself I go on tinder just to see people hitting on me and telling me I’m pretty 🙈 I’m so pathetic, oh my god!

09) I curse a lot, like a lot a lot, and I’m a teacher so when I’m in class I curse in another language. I really need to stop, help.

10) I’m the biggest procrastinator™

11) I’m very stubborn, so I only enter an argument when I’m 100% sure I’m right, because I really fucking hate being wrong.

Fernanda’s questions

1. What book/series got you into reading?

I’m a really fucking cliche but… Harry Potter was my everything growing up okay. 

2. What are some of your favorite artists?

Selena Gomez is my queen, I’m so in love with her it’s ridiculous. I also love The Weeknd (best day of my life when I found out Abelina actually existed outside my dreams), Lily Collins, Beyonce (honestly, who doesn’t love Queen Bey?), Halsey, Ryan Reynolds, Emma Stone, Andrew Garfield…  

3. What are some blogging tips you have for beginners?

Oh goodness, I don’t know, I’m a beginner myself really since I’ve only been blogging for about four months. But maybe, interact with other bloggers? I try to like/comment on the things the people I follow post.

4. If your life-story was being turned into a movie, who would you want to play you?

Ohhhh good one, I think Hailee Steinfeld.

5. If you could travel through time, would you go take a peek at the past or would you rather see what’s to come and go into the future?

Oh my god, that’s hard! I really love history, so I think I’d go back.

6. What’s your dream career/job?

I’d really like to work in publishing or as a librarian.

7. What’s your favorite childhood movie?

Oh I was obsessed with Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, so like literally any movie they made lol.

8. What was your favorite subject in school?

English Literature.

9. Do you collect anything? If so, what is it that you collect?

Do books count? Lol.

10. What’s your favorite thing to do besides reading?

Watch TV shows and mess around with photoshop.

11. If you could live anywhere in space (e.g. any planet, galaxy, star, moon, etc) where would you live and why?

Shit, I have no idea… moon maybe?

My Questions

If you could create the perfect partner for you, what would be their qualities and flaws?
• What is your favorite underrated/under reviewed book?
• What fictional character would you most want to be friends with?
• What is something that you have learned or improved at through blogging?
• What was the last selfie you took?
What do you like the most about yourself?
• If magic was real, what spell would you use the most?
If you could ask any author one question, what would the question be?
• Who is your favorite Disney princess, prince and villain?
• If you were to write a book, what would you write about?
• What’s your favorite quote and why?

Tag, you’re it!

Mandy @ Book Princess
Corina & Tijuana @ Book Twins Reviews
AJ @ Lacy Literacy
Heather @ Books, Trust & Pixie Dust
Carol @ Writing Bookish Notes
Melanie @ MNBernard Books
Lilly @ Lair of Books
Harini @ Books and Readers
Sophie @ Blame Chocolate
PoulamiDaydreaming Books
Sumaya @ Sue’s Reading Corner

Have fun, guys! I hope you enjoy it!



8 thoughts on “The Liebster Award.

  1. Thank you for tagging me Thai! I was scrolling through my Reader & happened to see you tagged me & got excited lol. I think for bloggers to get the notificiation that you’ve tagged them you have to link back to a post. I found this out 6 months into my blogging journey LOL! OHMYGOSH! I would love to work in publishing, it’s also my dream job & I’d def travel back in time cuz History is also a fave of mine. I friggin LOVE the questions you came up with though, mentally noting my answers. Great tag 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ohhhh damn, that makes sense actually. I’ll do that next time since I think now it wouldn’t work, right? I think I’ll try later anyways lol.

      YAY NICE!!! Hopefully we’ll get our dream jobs!! Oh my god, how nice would it be to see history literally being made???

      I’m so glad you liked it! I can’t wait to see your answers! 😊


  2. Ooo I loved reading your answers and learning more about you, it’s always a pleasure!
    Yes! I’m so in love with The Weeknd, it’s almost creepy! Likewise, sushi is my favorite go-to meal when I’m too much of a couch bum to cook anything that’s even close to being healthy.
    I actually didn’t start reading Harry Potter until I entered high school so the series that got me most into reading was Junie B.Jones when I was in elementary school.
    Great post btw!
    I look forward to reading more from you in the future… Happy Reading!

    Liked by 1 person

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