Trope Tuesday #10: Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl.

Trope Tuesday is a meme/series created by Lacy Literacy. On Tuesdays, the goal is to discuss one trope that you dislike, love, are indifferent to, hate, currently annoyed by, think is problematic, etc. You can learn more about Trope Tuesday here.

I probably don’t even have to explain anything about this trope, the name says it all. Brooding Boy, Gentle Girl happens when the brooding, angsty, loner boy ends up with a sweet, gentle, caring girl who will patiently coax him out of his moody ass shelf. Now, I know this is a cliche, but aren’t cliches cliche for a reason?

While the appeal of the brooding boy probably has something to do with the fact the “girls love bad boys”, the brooding boy isn’t necessarily bad, he’s just… moody. Like, maybe he has a dark and troubled past, maybe he made terrible mistakes, or maybe he simply takes his responsibilities more seriously than he’s supposed to. Whatever the case, he’s just waiting for someone to draw him out of his shell, to understand him and yada yada yada, that person being the gentle girl.

The heroine “gentle girl” doesn’t try to actively shake the brooding boy out of his moodiness. Her approach is more subtle; she patiently and persistently offers kind words, shy or gentle smiles, hugs, companionship, and hope. In the end, “the power of love” will eventually heal the brooding boy, and she might learn some things about herself as well, since she usually has some demons about herself that she needs to face.

As this is a popular trope to say the least, I have read quite a few books from it. So I’ll just talk about my favorites. Pretty Face is definitely very high on my list, I love the author, I love the plot, I love the characters, and also AGE GAP! But seriously, this is such a masterpiece, 100% recommend anything from Lucy Parker. Another one that is very high on my list is Flat-Out Love, okay okay, I know this is getting repetitive but I love this book way too much and I just can’t help myself, I need to put it in every list that it can be a part of.

I should also recommend ManagedI’ve Got Your Number and Miracle on 5th Avenue (this one is a holiday book though, yay), these three books are so precious to me, if you haven’t read them yet, you should totally add it to your list because it’s definitely worth it. They have a special place in my heart and I’ll always love them.

What do you guys think? Already done with this trope? Or still up for more books with it?

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Trope Tuesday #8: We Met Online First.

Trope Tuesday is a meme/series created by Lacy Literacy. On Tuesdays, the goal is to discuss one trope that you dislike, love, are indifferent to, hate, currently annoyed by, think is problematic, etc. You can learn more about Trope Tuesday here.

I have said it before, but I’ll say it again, We Met Online First is one of my all time favorite tropes. It is a relatively new trope that came around once internet became more prominent in our day-to-day lives. The name itself is pretty self-explanatory, but just in case, this trope happens when two people meet each other online, and end up falling in love with each other, yay!

Nowadays it’s so easy for us to meet people online and actually form great relationships with someone who lives the other side of the world. That is what calls out to me the most about this trope, the fact that it’s possible and not some distant far-fetched idea that you can read about but it’ll never happen to you.

I’ve read quite a few books on this trope, but my all time favorites are Tell Me Three Things and Flat-Out Love. They’re both quite similar in a lot of ways, but very different as a whole. What makes me love these books so much is how relationship develops between those characters, and how they all have so much going on with their lives that the only source of comfort they have is from this person online.

Another book that I loved and fit in this trope, but not exactly — they do meet online first, but they don’t develop their relationship online before moving on to a real life situation — is Flat-Out Celeste, which is the second book in the Flat-Out Love duology and in case you didn’t notice, I’m obsessed with these books!

Honorable mentions to Alex, Approximately and It Started With Goodbye because they’re so adorable, and I 100% recommend it whenever you feel like you need some young adult fluffiness in your life. You can also check out my we met online first bookshelf on goodreads if you’d like more options.

What do you guys think of it? Love it or hate it? Got any favorites books from this trope?

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Top 10: Too Cute To Handle YA

If you’re anything like me, you love some good young adult fluffiness. So I thought I’d share with you my Top Ten Too Cute To Handle Young Adult books. Yay!

tumblr_mixxgtpasx1s3jza0o1_500 Anna and the French Kiss Trilogy by Stephanie Perkins.
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Mini Review: Yes, I’m totally cheating putting this trilogy as only one book but I just love them so much. They’re so light and adorable. All of the characters are so precious and they’ll forever hold a place in my heart. My personal favorite is Isla and the Happily Ever After, but all of them are just so damn cute.


Play On (Lewis Creek #1) by Michelle Smith.
Goodreads | Amazon
Mini Review: Absolutely adorable! I loved everything about it. We have the book only from the guy’s point of view (not that it isn’t common but it has been so long since I’ve read one like that, it’s usually dual points of view or just the girls so I was very excited with that) and his inner monologues and expressions are so funny and cute I really enjoyed it.
I’m a sucker for sports book mostly because a) really hot guys and b) the companionship aspect of it, I love the idea of being in a team that’s like family to you, I think it’s so precious and that showed in this book so beautifully it was amazing to read.
One of the main characters suffers with depression, and it’s presented it in a different side, the side of how it feels for the people that loves them but feel helpless against this mental illness. It was dealt with it admirably well.
The main character’s best friend is gay, and he and his boyfriend have to go through coming out and everything that follows, especially since the book is set in a small close minded town, so it also deals with acceptance and how hard it is for them when someone from their family do not approve. Showing how there’s still a long way to go until we get to a point that people don’t have to ‘come out’ and simply be whatever they are.
I enjoyed this so much and I’m so glad I picked it up!


Flat-Out Love (Flat-Out Love #1) by Jessica Park.
Goodreads | Amazon
Mini Review: This is probably one of my favorite young adult books ever. I loved everything about it. The characters are INCREDIBLE. Julie is such a great protagonist, she’s witty and funny, I loved being in her head. Matt is the cutest, he has the quiet and moody thing going on and I really love love interests like that, even though it’s not for everyone. Celeste is so amazing, I loved how relatable she was. These three characters makes everything worth reading, I swear.


Tell Me Three Things by Julie Buxbaum.
Goodreads | Amazon
Mini Review: I’m crazy about the ‘we met online first’ trope, so this book was like winning the lottery for me, it has the perfect amount of friendship, humor, emotion, a hint of mystery, and of course, romance. Nowadays it’s pretty normal to have online friends so the idea of this trope isn’t so far fetched anymore, which it’s even more exciting for me. I loved the characters so much, and I found myself smiling like an idiot through most of the book, absolutely adorable.

15749186To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han.
Goodreads | Amazon
Mini Review: I know this one is a favorite for a lot of people and I have to agree that everything about this book screams adorable. Lara Jean is such a cute character, I just wanted to hold her all the time. The family dynamic is amazing, I love seeing that in young adult books. And of course, Peter is everything a girl wants in a guy personified. Everything was very sweet and innocent, I enjoyed it immensely.

25488913Any Other Girl by Rebecca Phillips.
Goodreads | Amazon
Mini Review: I remember when I read this book for the first time and I got so obsessed with it, I only wanted to read books similar to this one and I found none that came close to this to be honest. It’s just so adorable?? I am  still in love with everything.
Kat is so authentic, I loved her personality and how incredible she is! And her dads are the best, honestly!
Emmett is such a sweetheart! I felt so bad for his mom and what they had gone through with his father but he’s still so sweet to everyone. Swoon.
Family and friendship are a huge part of this book and it’s something that always makes books a thousand times better for me.

18660447The Fill-In Boyfriend by Kasie West.
Goodreads | Amazon
Mini Review: Kasie West is the queen of young adult fluff, I absolutely love all of her books, but this one is my favorite. Fake dating is definitely one of my favorite tropes and reading what West did with it was amazing. I loved the characters so much and the development that happened even with a relatively short period of time. Gia can be annoying at times, but she’s very relatable, at least to me she was. I’m always with my phone and I look for validation from everyone, which I’m trying to change and it was nice seeing the her develop in that way.

22724488Cinder & Ella (Cinder & Ella #1) by Kelly Oram.
Goodreads | Amazon
Mini Review: This book has two of my favorite tropes, we met online first and I fell in love with a celebrity, so of course I loved it! Ellamara is amazing, she’s so strong and with everything she’s been through I don’t think I would react the same way, she made more of an effort to make a horrible situation less horrible and I admired that in her. Brian was sweet, a little too flirty for my taste but overall these two was a cute combination. I loved Juliette, Violet and Rob, there’re amazing and I want a group friend like them so bad. I can’t wait to read the second book.

12000020Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Sáenz.
Goodreads | Amazon
Mini Review: So beautiful. Absolutely incredible. I loved everything about this book. Dante is one of the most precious characters I’ve ever seen, he’s so important to  me and I love him so much. Ari’s development is outstanding to, see and the book develops in a perfect pacing, I honestly loved everything about this story.

16059149Magnolia (Magnolia Branch #1) by Kristi Cook.
Goodreads | Amazon
Mini Review: HATERS. TO. LOVERS. I just can’t with this trope okay? The banter, snarky remarks, messing with each other, baiting each other… the whole thing makes me so happy. Everything about this was so fun to read and honestly the story and characters were so cute?? Loved it. Although, I was a little surprise with how it was handled certain situations, I wasn’t expecting it from a book like this but it didn’t affect my view on the book overall.