Mini-Reviews: Plain Vanilla, Only A Kiss & When Sparks Fly by Ines Bautista-Yao.

28939978Plain Vanilla by Ines Bautista-Yao.
Published: February 12th 2016.
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Rating: 4.5/5

Review: Am I in love? I think I’m in love! Give me more!

The story follows Tempest, a “normal” girl in the midst of a quirky and adventurous family. After seeing the guy she kind of maybe has a crush on saying she’s vanilla on facebook, she decides that is time to prove to everyone, and to herself, that she fits in with her eccentric family just fine.

I’m not sure what I was expecting from this book to be honest. I was just scrolling down my kindle hoping to find something cute to read. Well, this book definitely fits that criteria, but not only that, it was so funny and crative. 

My favorite thing about this book was the protagonist. She was so relatable and I loved every moment of her quest to be more adventurous. I also loved Paco, Marga and Clara. All of them together was super fun to read and their banter was entertaining as hell. I could read a full novel about them no problem. 

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ARC Mini Reviews: Intercepting The Chef, It Had To Be You & Back To Your Love.

31302859Intercepting the Chef (How to Score, #1) by Rachel Goodman.
Expected publication: May 2nd 2017.
Rating: 3.5/5
Mini Review: After things going terribly wrong with her boyfriend and renowned chef in San Francisco, Gwen has no other option than to go back home in Denver and start over at her brother’s best friend, Logan Stonestreet’s restaurant.

I enjoyed the romance at an overall capacity. But when I stopped to think about particulars, it wasn’t as enjoyable, so I’ll just focus on what I did like for now. Logan is a sweetheart, I really liked him, I mean the guy literally does not wrong, and what Gwen considers his flaw, when you think about it, it isn’t a flaw at all, it’s determination to achieve his goals.

Gwen is another story, I couldn’t connect to her at all, I didn’t hate her or anything, but I also didn’t care for her. She was distant and her misconceptions were frustrating at times to be really honest. Halfway through the book there’s this part where she says “I wondered if I’d merely been doing those things with the expectation that happiness would find me instead of the other way around (…) As I stare up at him, it hit me with stunning clarity that perhaps everything I’d been searching for was him.” and I wanted to hit her, because it feels like she’s talking like he’s everything she needs to be happy. And look, I do believe love is important but it isn’t everything.

Everyone else in Logan’s life were assholes, they all treated him like the football player and nothing more. Chris was supposed to be his friend and when they lost one game he went off on Logan and threatened to leave the team, I mean seriously? That’s the type of friend you want to be? I’m not even going to start on his father. 

All in all, this was nice to read, it was entertaining but at the same time everything felt very generic. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. So if you’re in the mood for a quick and nice read, you should pick this up.

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